President’s Message

Hi all,

It is with great pleasure that we inform you of the Committee’s endeavours to create a modern, rejuvenated club. 

During this disruptive period the Brotherhood Hall in Bell Street will be closed. We are committed to helping our Members and friends so please reach out if you need anything.

Con Kavadias, George Konidaris, Chris Kominatos and I will be working diligently to provide an environment of inclusion encouraging and embracing all Brotherhood members, current past and future. 

This Brotherhood has its roots in our great-grandparents and one of our goals is to see the next generation of Lefkadians joining the Brotherhood. We are eagerly expecting to see everyone as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Please spread the word.

Any Lefkadian and their family members eager to join the Club are encouraged to do so by filling out the form that can be found under the Membership tab on this site.

During this downtime we will also be doing quite a bit of planning, both a social calendar and a maintenance to-do list. We welcome your input. Let us know what type of function you might like us to hold once the ban is lifted. Also let us know what skills you have. The hall needs quite a bit of maintenance but also, it would be great to develop a directory of Lefkadian skills that we can list on our site and social media generally to help Lefkadians connect.  

The four of us are available to speak to anyone at any time. You will find our contact details below and on the masthead of the Lefkadian form. We promise to keep in touch and periodically post what we’re up to.

Till then, keep safe 

Alexandra Daglas, President

M: 0409 531 089

George Konidaris, Secretary

M: 0411 731 174

Con Kavadias, Treasurer: 

M: 0418 583 759

Chris Kominatos, Advisor

M: 0409 423 681 E: