50th Anniversary Commemorative Album

The Brotherhood 50th Anniversary Commemorative Album reflects back in 1992 upon the proud achievements of the Brotherhood leading up to (and beyond) the purchase of the hall in November 1987, the Lefkaditiko Spiti a home where all Lefkadians and Meganisians are welcome.

The front doors of the Lefkaditiko Spiti not only represents and symbolises the Lefkadians’ entry into Australian history and their contribution to the development of Australian society, but also honours the incredible lives and sacrifices many Lefkadians made when leaving to migrate to Australia and how they recognised the importance to keep the Brotherhood and the Greek and Lefkadian traditions alive for future generations.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles, scrolling through the photos and travelling down memory lane as much as we did.
From a photo of Lefkadian wrestler, Peter Fatouros the “Greek Terror” (circa 1925) to Miss Lefkas Quest (circa 1991) and much more.

Feel free to share your stories and email us your family photos in readiness for our next commemorative magazine.