We invite all Lefkadians and friends to join the Brotherhood. Membership advantages include hall hire discounts (available to voting members).

Click here to download the membership application form.

Click here to download a fillable membership application form which can be saved, printed and emailed.

To be an eligible voting member, you need to be at least 18 years of age, an Australian resident and either:

  • born in Lefkada or Meganisi; or 
  • a descendant of a Lefkadian or Meganisian;  or
  • married to a Lefkadian or Meganisian.

Please submit your applications either by:

Membership applications should be accompanied by the annual subscription fee of $20.

Former members who have fallen in arrears and have been removed from the members’ register are requested to pay an additional fee of $40 for arrears. If you are suffering hardship and are unable to meet the arrears, please email or contact us.

Subscription fees can be paid by:

  • electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly to the Lefkadian Brotherhood account (See application form for account details)
  • by cheque
  • or by credit card

To assist us with tracking your payment, please place your name and year of birth as a reference on your EFT transfer and for cheques, write your full name, address and date of birth on the back of the cheque.

Please call or email us if you wish to pay by credit card. A credit card fee surcharge may apply.

Renewals will be posted or emailed to members who have elected to receive communication by email.

If you are an existing member and have changed address or wish to receive notifications by email, please download, complete and submit the membership form together with a note that you wish to update your details and you are an existing member.

Please email or contact us if you have any queries regarding your membership application. 

We look forward to welcoming you all to our next event!