Restroom Upgrade at the Lefkadian Hall

The Brotherhood is pleased to announce that it has received a State Government Grant of $45,000 towards upgrading and renovating the ground floor toilets and restrooms at our Lefkadian Hall in Coburg.

The grant is a dollar for dollar grant which means the Brotherhood must also raise $45,000 towards the upgrade works by way of funds and work in kind in accordance with the Government Grant guidelines.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the Lefcadian Brotherhood Restroom Upgrade Donation Fund or wishes to provide voluntary services in kind, such as painting, plastering, electrical, plumbing and tiling is asked to contact a committee member.

To date, the Brotherhood has raised the following donations and we give special thanks for their generosity and support:

$5,000 (Kathy Katapodis)

$1,000 (name withheld on request)

$1,000 (name withheld on request)

$1,000 (name withheld on request)

$820 (Donation from a table from the Mother’s Day Luncheon – names withheld on request)

$100 (Angela Benias)

Total Raised to date $8,920

Donations above $500 will be recorded in the Donors, Benefactors and Great Benefactors Special Register of the Brotherhood.

The committee wishes to also give special thanks to all volunteers and sponsors of the Lefcadian Brotherhood and thanks everyone for attending and supporting our functions.

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